Our BIG July 4 ad sale is available! BIG PRICE DROPS!

Independence day is right around the corner, and now is the time for your business or organization to share your love of the nation, and offer up opportunities for customers to get blowout savings!

So we’re passing along those same savings to our friends in the local business community, with a chance to get on one of our sites for 31 days at some of the lowest prices we’ve ever offered up for a holiday sale!

This sale comes to an end on June 24, so you better act fast!

Ad pricing applies across all sites that have advertising available. Impression rates are based on the number of ads in rotation at any given time on Polktoday.com. Learn more on Advertising Services.

Find regular pricing updated this month for customers here.

Business Card

Price: $69.00

This ad typically brings in 60,000 impressions per month on Polktoday.com (number of times displayed to users on the site,) double the amount that we saw for the same size ad this time in 2021. You’re getting a $1.15 CPM (cost per mile, or COST PER 1,000 users in this case.) Remember too: the more users we have come in during your ad run, the lower the cost is for your cost per 1000 users!

Numbers for Pauldingtoday.com and PSW.com are not immediately available at this time.

So getting this for $69?! That’s a real steal. You can get this ad on Polktoday.com, Pauldingtoday.com or Polksportswire.com for the lowest monthly price we’ve ever offered.

Pricing is only available for a single month (from time the ad starts until it ends, at 30 to 31 days depending on the calendar month when it began.)


Price: $177.60

You can guess we’ve got a little bit of a patriotic theme going here for this Independence Day ad sales.

Usually $209 a month per site at the recently updated pricing schedule, we’re offering an additional discount for the July 4 pricing. These ads get on average 40,000 impressions per month to Polktoday.com users! That’s a CPM cost of $4.44 per 1,000 impressions!

Pricing is only available for a single month (from time the ad starts until it ends, at 30 to 31 days depending on the calendar month when it began.)


Price: $229

This ad gets 35,000 impressions per month on average, but don’t let that figure fool you any: we put it in spots that we know is going to get readers attention.

The banner is included in every arrest report posted daily, and in many other crime-related items across Polktoday.com and our other siters. You’ll only pay $229 for the banner per site for July 4!

Big Boy

Price: $309

Our Big Boy ad (the 728×500 used by several advertisers) gets an average impression rate in of 45,000+ per month, you’re guaranteed to get attention with one of our largest ad offerings we provide currently on sites like Polktoday.com. Priced at $309 for the holiday, that’s a $100 discount for the month.

Biggest Boy

You could also choose our Biggest Boy ad, with $200 off and see what you can get in with more than 30,000 impressions per month on average with this ad as well!

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