Graduation Advertising for the Class of 2022

This year, we’re keeping the graduation ad pricing simple and affordable for all to participate in honoring graduates through the month of May and early June.

Graduation Ads for the Class of 2022 pages are only available on this year. However, those businesses that would like to honor grads on – without pages for seniors – can still purchase them to be placed in regular rotation, to run for a month from the time it starts through the end.

As graduation season begins, we’re offering several options for parents, family, friends or businesses to purchase honors for individuals or groups of graduates.

Want to take part? E-mail for more information.

Grad message example:

Note: This message was from the Class of 2021, but will have a similar design layout.

Grad message pricing:


Graduate messages must be kept to no more than 500 words. They will appear once all the graduation pages launch launch this year on May 23, 2022, and will remain for the lifetime of Custom messages replace the generic one congratulating graduates in the class of 2022.

Any additional ads will be placed individually on each page.

Links are available to share when launch.

E-mail your message to Payment required at time of requesting a custom graduate message. They will post on May 23, 2022.

Photos: Please size photos at a minimum of 1200×800 pixels for use on with graduation messages.

Payment on credit or debit cards are available via Paypal and are preferred above all methods. Additionally, Myrick Multimedia can also access CashApp and Venmo payments. Checks and cash are not preferred for graduation advertising, but we are willing to meet with individuals in the community on a by-appointment basis to help those who need some tech help with this process.

Ad size pricing for the graduation section

Payment required before posting, with instructions above the same for advertisements. Inquire for pricing on your ad by no later than May 15 to ensure that you’ll be included for the Class of 2022 pages on May 23, 2022.

Typical turnaround time for graduation ad responses and design approvals are normally no more than 24-48 hours, depending on the day-to-day schedule here at Myrick Multimedia. We do work weekends too.

Please submit your ad payment no later than May 20 for posting. It will run for 30 days from the time payment is received, but will live on individual pages and with letter sections for graduate recognition here on graduation ads purchased by individuals or businesses will only be available for display through no later than June 30, 2022.

Business Card


Example size:

+$20 for each additional slide for animation


Block Ad

$100 (+$20 for each additional animated slide – see business card for example.)

Example size:

Or animated


$200 (+$20 for each additional animated slide.)


$300 (+$20 for each additional animated slide.)


Big Boy

$400 (+$50 for each additional animated slide.)

Example size:

Biggest Boy

$500 (+$50 for each additional animated slide.)

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