Campaign instructions for providing a statement to Polk Today and Paulding Today

The following instructions are being posted again for campaigns to reference for providing your campaign statement or announcement to Polk Today or Paulding Today:

Campaigns from here on in will be given the option of providing a single 250-word statement and photograph of the candidate to Polk Today and Paulding Today for publication online beginning on Thursday, March 31, 2022 and no later than Friday, April 8, 2022.

Polk candidates will be required to email their statements and photos to for publication. Candidates in Paulding County are asked to provide statements and photos to

Statements that are longer than 250 words will automatically be rejected without notice. 

Additionally, any photos that are under 1200 pixels wide will be rejected without notice, and a generic “vote” graphic will be used in its place. 

Polk Today and Paulding Today will give candidates the opportunity as well – if provided in a timely fashion and based on editorial time availability – the opportunity for individuals running for office to provide press releases or additional campaign materials to the public so long as it does not infringe upon editorial standards that Myrick Multimedia holds for its brands. 

Additionally, Myrick Multimedia is not a legal organ, thus we reserve the right to refuse advertising or campaign material for any candidate we believe does not uphold the standards or practices expected of leadership by our community of readers. 

Furthermore, because we are a for-profit organization, we also are not bound to provide candidates with anything further than the above single candidate statement. However, we will note that we – like all businesses – are more likely to work with customers than we are with those who aren’t paying us. 

You can find out about advertising prices for campaigns for the 2022 primary season here.

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