A 37% off birthday sale for all Myrick Multimedia sites!

In celebration of my birthday (and St. Patrick’s Day as well,) Myrick Multimedia is offering a great deal for new advertisers coming onto the site: you can get a steal of a deal if you sign up for a year’s worth of advertising on a monthly payment scale and save a huge amount!

This week only, block ads and the Big Boy ads are 37% off their regular price across all three of the sites currently available for advertising. (PolkSportsWire Fan Zone is still in development at this time and not available for ad sales.)

Prices are for a single ad on a single site per month and require signing on for one year at the sale price to get the full benefits of the 37% off sale.

Here’s a rundown of what the prices look like:

Block ad

Our classic Polktoday.com block ad comes in at 300×250 pixels and provides customers with the opportunity to ensure their ads are being seen in stories across a single, or multiple sites.

Sites available: Polktoday.com, Pauldingtoday.com, Polksportswire.com

Big Boy ad

A new ad class we added in 2021, the Big Boy ad allows you to show off some of your greatest products or services and ensure that people see it without difficulty. This ad also brings in around 30,000 impressions per month on Myrick Multimedia websites. (Note: We did not provide Click through rate numbers unless you are a customer.)

Sites available: Polktoday.com, Pauldingtoday.com, Polksportswire.com

Terms and conditions:

This ad deal lasts until Friday, March 18, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

This ad price is for one ad on one site only. For instance: $157 a month only provides coverage on Polktoday.com at the current rate. You would spend an additional $157 per month to add to Pauldingtoday.com at this rate.

Advertisers will be permitted to change their ad only TWICE during the 365 day period their ads run.

Statistics on ad performance are available at any time by request. Allow for at least 24 hours for a response, if not sooner, about ad performance statistics.

Myrick Multimedia LLC does not provide refunds for advertisements.

Cancellation of your advertisement and payments at any time during the 365 days will forfeit your right to future advertisement specials, and any credit you have built up during your advertisement run.

Should you decide that you want to stop an ad, your credit will last only as long as A) you continue to pay for an ad and B) you wish to deactivate an ad and utilize it during another run time. For instance:

This advertising special does not include the following categories:

  1. Political campaign advertisements for candidates or issues
  2. Businesses that have previously advertised with Polktoday.com, Polksportswire.com, Pauldingtoday.com or any other Myrick Multimedia website and has chosen to discontinue their advertisements for any reason
  3. Businesses that might promote content for customers that are 18+
  4. Short term advertisements

We thank all of our current advertisers for their continued support. You are eligible to get this deal if you DO NOT currently have a block or big boy advertisement currently in rotation.

Interested in an ad? E-mail kevin@myrickmultimedia.com for more information about getting started right away! You can also utilize this contact form as well. We check it throughout the day.

We offer design services for each advertiser who wishes to participate in the site.

Those who wish to utilize design services will require an additional $50 one-time payment for this service.

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