Data Deletion Policy

Do you want to ensure that your data used on sites like Polk Today, PolkSportsWire, Kevin the Editor and others are deleted?

All you have to do is go to your profile page on the site you have created a user account.

Go to <siteurl>/membership-login, and once logged in navigate to your profile page (<siteurl>/membership-login/membership-profile) to find your information.

For example: will take you to the login page. will take you to your user profile, where you can further make edits. Remove the -2 to edit a PolkSportsWire or Kevin the Editor account. (This setup is temporary as of 12/9/2023 as changes are being made systemically.)

If you click Edit Profile at the bottom, and then Delete Account, your information will be deleted and your membership canceled.

Myrick Multimedia does not wish to hold onto user data for any amount of time that isn’t necessary. Those who create an account to register and do not complete their membership payments typically have their accounts deleted by the administrator no less than 72 hour after creation, and no more than 30 days.

Myrick Multimedia does not directly sell any user information to third parties. Third parties like Google Analytics, Google Adsense or other partners providing access for social logins may collect user data, which is out of the direct control of Myrick Multimedia. These third parties may collect information and data from sites created by Myrick Multimedia within their applications or sites without any direct knowledge or consent from Myrick Multimedia or its users.